Medical Journals and Book Chapters

Stephen M. Black is very well-respected in the medical community, and has been invited to locations such as Paris, Prague, Crete, and San Francisco to present his research findings at professional medical conferences. He also shares his medical knowledge with students in his role as a Regents Professor with Georgia Regents University (GRU). In order to reach a wider audience, Stephen M. Black shares his findings from medical research in peer-reviewed medical journals and book chapters.

Medical Journals

Medical journals exist to keep the medical community informed, allowing medical practitioners, students, and the general public to benefit by having access to the latest research and trends. When medical researchers wish to share their findings in a specific discipline with the medical community, they will submit a write-up of their research to a specialized journal. The journal’s peer editors will then review the material to confirm that it meets all quality standards, and then publish it in their next issue. Professionals who are frequently featured in medical publications have effectively been endorsed by their peers as someone who is doing work that is relevant to that particular medical field.

More than 150 articles authored by Stephen M. Black have been published in professional medical journals. Most recently, Stephen M. Black’s articles have appeared in the International Journal of Molecular Science, Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, and Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Book Chapters

Medical professionals are frequently asked to author book chapters in medical atlases, textbooks, and other reference books. Stephen M. Black has written seven different book chapters over the course of his career. Chapter subjects were:

“Glutathione S-transferases in resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs” in Glutathione S-transferases and drug resistance (1990)
“Structure of Nucleic Acids” in Perinatal and Pediatric Pathophysiology (1996)
“Gene Regulation” in Perinatal and Pediatric Pathophysiology (1996)
“Protein Synthesis” in Perinatal and Pediatric Pathophysiology (1996)
“Analytical Techniques” in Perinatal and Pediatric Pathophysiology (1996)
“Vascular Dysfunction in Lung Injury” in Lung injury: mechanisms, pathophysiology, and therapy (2005)
“Pulmonary Hemodynamics” in Comparative Biology of the Lung (2013).


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