Stephen M. Black PhD

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities all around the world. With this distinction, the term “philosophy” refers to the love of wisdom and signifies a professional researcher. Students must earn an Honors degree with high academic standing before being considered for PhD candidacy. Many universities also require students to conduct research in addition to regular coursework before they can receive this degree. All PhD candidates must also complete a thesis or dissertation based on original academic research suitable for inclusion in a peer-reviewed publication.

Stephen M. Black PhD is a molecular biologist who got his start as a medical researcher when he enrolled in the University of Edinburgh. He received his Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology with Honors in 1986 and stayed at the university to pursue his PhD. In 1990 the University of Edinburgh bestowed upon Stephen M. Black a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology. While Stephen M. Black was still working on his PhD, he was fortunate enough to have articles about two of his research studies published in peer-reviewed journals. These articles were:

Following completion of his PhD, Stephen M. Black stayed at the University of Edinburgh for one year of Molecular Pharmacology postdoctoral training. He then pursued two years of Molecular Endocrinology postgraduate training at the University of California, San Francisco.

Stephen M. Black PhD is currently a medical researcher and Regents Professor at Georgia Regents University. He has a number of active grants and many of his trainees have been awarded grants as well.